The Lucky Ones

Do we really wonder why?
Death happens to us all.
It comes in numbered shades.
It comes when you’re not looking.
It comes even when you stare it down.
Did we do something wrong?
Death comes everyday.
It happens in our homes.
It happens on our streets.
It happens at our schools.
Do we not realize what it takes?
Death bludgeons; is it a disease?
We stick to our concerns.
We turn away when they beg.
We look away when we see their pain.

Do you not realize what it takes to kill?
It takes courage.
It takes belief.
It takes hope.

They already feel that they have lost everything.
This is their last chance.
Of course it’s not fair.
We’re their lives fair?

Will we change anything?
The world keeps turning.
It’s the same world I was born in.
It’s the same world for thousands of years.
When will the world grow and become a better person?

It steals from us; we stole first.
It betrays us; we abandoned it.
It torments us; we bring no comfort.

It doesn’t take a lot to kill.
But what does it take to keep believing?
To bring faith into this world.

RIP young souls. May you consider yourselves lucky to be pardoned from earth’s responsibilities and judgements.



Romero Dussel & Annette Snolin, Both Aged 23, TRAGICALLY passed away last Sunday night

Romero, Lead Quarterback for the Sunshine Bears at Lowell Free Academy, son of Frederick and Marie Dussel of Suburbia, and Engineering Scholar, will be greatly missed. There will be a college scholarship in honor of Romero’s Varsity Goody Two Shoes, The Dussel Engineering and Athletic Scholarship.

Annie of Rosemont High in Subtle Valley, child of Dad’s a Workaholic and Mom’s a Ditz was cherished by leering strangers and will be missed whenever she’s remembered. There will be no scholarship put into place, and no burial due to the extensive costs, and the family asks not to be bothered by condolences.

The tragic fate for Romero & Annette, to have chanced upon each other over the hedge, just beyond the picket fence only to have lived an unlived life. Secret nightly porch swing meetings left this true love couple victim of the understanding of last second irony, to be ruthlessly slaughtered by the son of a bitch boards as the collapsing of the firmament around them.