abandon blood

the sun river ends at my
eyes, i slip on shades, duck
my head – a hopeless attempt
to hide from persecution
of the world & life;
titanium hide, if only; the
closeted feelings i hold for
the world tear at my throat,
clawing & raging to get out
and spit at the light of day;
silence, i ignore the words
beating at my lips, caressing
my tongue, begging for sweet
retribution lashes, to put those
in their place;
but who am i to say, ignore them,
step away, seek compatible companions,
is it okay to abandon blood?



forever is a naked day

i am mute

do you ever feel locked inside of your mind, unable to voice your thoughts

the lack of speech

no one listens

no one hears

no one understands

perhaps there lies a peacefulness in being mute

you can lie to yourself, the if you could speak they’d understand