the sun

How is the sun today? You ask.
Where have your eyes been? I wonder.
For the sun is bright and shining,
Lighting up the land.

My eyes hurt because of it
And I hide in my curtained room.
There’s no sun here. I reply.
You look around.

You realize that the room is dark.
You seem puzzled.
There was sun outside. You tell me.
As if I did not know.

I know. Simple answer.
Then why not let it in? You ask.
It is too cheery for me. You laugh.
I turn away in search of a deeper shadow.

Come now, it can’t be that bad.
What would you know?
You sober up and become solemn.
You say no more. Your hand is on my shoulder.

I refuse to look at you.
You wouldn’t understand.
You couldn’t understand.
I wish you’d leave the room.

You do. Your hand slips from my shoulder.
And it is quiet.
I sit on the floor.
And wonder why everyone leaves me.


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