when crows fly

a poetical life


And god said let there be light,
And there was light;
And god said let there be damnation,
And there was damnation.

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The Heart of a Writer

In the cold black misery of a living death comes the true heart & soul of a writer.


The world is tormented;
The ants have gathered their horses;
Bringing out the dark ones in advance; tormenting the world
They yielded for no one;
Butchering any breath that rasped in their presence; they yielded for no one, grasping at
Dreams of a world buried at their feet.

Musing, by A.M. Sophia

Turn Me Anew

Would to steal your arms around me
begging of you please take me erase me
erase my mind of the troubles churning
the boiling turmoil, the inevitable storm
let your words seep into my heart and soul
and let there be you
silence my mind, turn it in rhyme
facing the world, eyes peeled anew
blossoming blue, trampling true
vengeful voices, sardonic sounds
terrible tears,
the heartless heart
blind me, turn me anew
for this moment, as long as it can last
bring me blessings of heaven
sweep away images of hell
take me away from my mind
a new place, a new world, an old hope
grant me this one wish anew

The Lucky Ones

Do we really wonder why?
Death happens to us all.
It comes in numbered shades.
It comes when you’re not looking.
It comes even when you stare it down.
Did we do something wrong?
Death comes everyday.
It happens in our homes.
It happens on our streets.
It happens at our schools.
Do we not realize what it takes?
Death bludgeons; is it a disease?
We stick to our concerns.
We turn away when they beg.
We look away when we see their pain.

Do you not realize what it takes to kill?
It takes courage.
It takes belief.
It takes hope.

They already feel that they have lost everything.
This is their last chance.
Of course it’s not fair.
We’re their lives fair?

Will we change anything?
The world keeps turning.
It’s the same world I was born in.
It’s the same world for thousands of years.
When will the world grow and become a better person?

It steals from us; we stole first.
It betrays us; we abandoned it.
It torments us; we bring no comfort.

It doesn’t take a lot to kill.
But what does it take to keep believing?
To bring faith into this world.

RIP young souls. May you consider yourselves lucky to be pardoned from earth’s responsibilities and judgements.

Take Me Back To My World

I didn’t mean to shut the door;
I didn’t mean to lock you out;
I didn’t mean to cry;
I didn’t even say goodbye.
I ran away, again and again;
I ran so far, I no longer know where I am;
I ran unlooking, I no longer know where I stand;
I ran too far, I no longer know who I am.

Every face is a blur, every good memory faded;
Every wrong versus right stays twisted and hated.

Bleed me and will I live…
Hate me and will I love…
Bless me and will I die…
Tell me and will I lie…

I am forever
I am fornever

I am a shade of once I been
I am an echo of faded past

I am human and I will die human.

I am.

Forgive Me.

Powdered lips, cold wet fresh fallen snow.

Sugared hips, dripping taste of honey.

Pierced tips, hard metallic flavour.

Forgive me father, for I have sinned.


I have walked the line,

I have crossed the edge,

I have answered temptation

and given it my own.


The sad heart of man has feasted upon my body poorly,

Unworshipped, Uncherished, Unforgiveable –

But I have dangled the apple before their lips and tongues

brought them the scent of the sweetest honey –


How could one expect them not to take a nibble – or a bite.

Reproach is my own fault, my own blame, my own regret.


I have been the tempted, I have been the temptress;

I have been the serpint, I have been the human;

I have been the wile, I have been the weak;

I have been woman, come from man and made in god’s image.


I have been like god.

I have thrown caution to the wind, and I have drown in it;

I have created games, and watched them thrive and burn;

I have been only what I have been created to be – curious,

inciteful, animalistic, hopeful and altogether human.


Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

abandon blood

the sun river ends at my
eyes, i slip on shades, duck
my head – a hopeless attempt
to hide from persecution
of the world & life;
titanium hide, if only; the
closeted feelings i hold for
the world tear at my throat,
clawing & raging to get out
and spit at the light of day;
silence, i ignore the words
beating at my lips, caressing
my tongue, begging for sweet
retribution lashes, to put those
in their place;
but who am i to say, ignore them,
step away, seek compatible companions,
is it okay to abandon blood?

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